About us   

Who we are

Passionate about baking and pastries, I have spent the past decade exploring this hobby and  making recipes, cakes and desserts amongst others.

After being diagnosed with celiac disease, together with two other members of my family, my interest about gluten-free options started to grow and decided to do an extensive research on the disease in order to find suitable alternatives. And so modifying and adapting my recipes, as well as coming up with new ones, has been my main objective so that our starting a new gluten-free diet was as smooth as possible. Cooking and enjoying delicious savory and sweet snacks had to become an easy, daily thing.

Being aware that celiacs may have more difficulties when it comes to finding quality, gluten-free options, we decided to create Celicious, a retail space and online store where to find not only quality products for celiacs, but also for other types of food allergies and intolerances

There is more and more people who for different reasons want to look after their diet, since that will contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. At Celicious, we provide our clients with a selection of healthy, quality products for everyone so that even non-celiacs or sporty people who have decided to change their eating habits - leaving aside gluten, lactose, etc. will be welcome.

Our instalations

Celicious is not only a food store for food allergies, it is a different way of understanding our eating habits. A place where to enjoy customer service, shop and order your favorite products, make suggestions, exchange opinions and consumer experiences.